Support for education is among the top priorities of the Jewsih Community of the Republic of Moldova, because it complies with one its goals  - preservation of the ethnic group in Moldova as well as involving youth into Jewish traditions and customs.

JCM educational projects and programs also are aimed for the development of a tolerant society in our country, which is a measure for the prevention of anti-Semitism in Moldova. This is the context, proving the development of a tolerant society - one of the top priorities of the Community.


Support the development of education in Jewish traditions and culture JCM provides:

- Annual publication and distribution of the Jewish calendar according to the various topics:

  • In 5770, the (2009-2010) - Children's drawings
  • 5771 year (2010-2011) - "Monuments to Holocaust victims and victims of fascism on the territory of the Republic of Moldova"
  • 5772 year (2011-2012) - "Jewish Shtetl Chisinau (Jewish Chisinau before the First World War)"
  • 5773 year (2012-2013) - "Community Life in persons and events."
  • Subject to the calendar year 5774 - "Famous Jews- expats from Moldova."

All calendars issued by the Jewish community of Moldova are on Russian.


- The community actively participated in organizing and conducting the project "People of the World are writing the Bible."

- Compilation and publication of a book about Rabbi Tsirel'son in Romanian and Russian languages. Book presentation was held at the library named by Itzhak Manger.


Projects and programs aimed for the development of a tolerant society

- With the financial support of JCM students from two Jewish schools attended performances telling the story of Holocaust, which took place at the National Theatre named after Mihai Eminescu and Russian Drama Theatre named after Anton Chekhov

- Seminars "Tolerance. Lessons of the Holocaust "for teachers of non-Jewish schools and colleges on the topic of Holocaust were held in 2010 and 2012, at the initiative of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress.

- Organization of competitions, exhibitions and trips related to topics of Holocaust & Kishinev pogrom of 1903, including:

- the organization and the opening of the photo exhibition "The Holocaust. Rybnitsa tragedy " held in Chisinau.

As a memorial events related to 110th anniversary of Chisinau pogrom in 2013 JCM participated in several events: conference at the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, a concert at the National Philharmonic named after S. Lunkevich, Youth Forum.

The community has organized a rally of Remembrance of the Kishinev pogrom of 1903 and the pictures exhibition near the monument of Stefan cel Mare. (available only on Russian)

- JCM supported conference devoted to the study of the Holocaust in the municipality of Balti and city of Cahul.

- JCM supported Olympics among students on Holocaust topic among non-Jewish schools and high schools in Balti.

- JCM supported organization and funding of trips to the Jewish places of Chisinau for youth community on the anniversary of the Chisinau pogrom of 1903.


With the support of international funds JCM has implemented a number of projects in the domain of education and development of tolerance education. Among those projects are "The development of Jewish education in Moldova", "Bezalel Art Studio," "Jewish Calendar: Festive Marathon", "Tour of the place of the Holocaust in Bessarabia", "Seize the Day"and many others, details are provided into the "Projects" section on our website.


The most significant event in the domain of Jewish education was the International Conference "Limmud Moldova", held for the first time in 2012. In 2014, the Jewish community of Moldova repeated the previous success. Details about the conference are provided in the section " Limmud Moldova" on our website.




Public Association “Jewish Community of the Republic of Moldova” is a nationwide organization consisting of 9 regional Jewish Communities and different organizations in Chisinau.





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