During the entire period of its existence, the Jewish Community of the Republic of Moldova was constantly dealing with the implementation of various projects, but we were especially active those last years.

Main objectives of those applications were inextricably linked with the statutory goals and objectives of JCM and hence with its activities:

Project Art Studio "Bezalel", implemented with the support of the Initiative Group "Hamama", contributed to the consolidation of the community through art.

Throughout the "Jewish Calendar: Holiday Marathon" (supported by Dutch Humanitarian Jewish Fund) project, participants studied Jewish traditions through the prism of Jewish calendar holidays.

Thanks to the support of The L. A. Pincus Fund, the was implemented a "Seize the Day" project that involved studying of the Jewish life cycle, calendar and holidays for all members of the community.

Projects implemented in the domain of cultural and historical heritage protection and preservation included "Program of Holocaust remembrance in Moldova "Lest be forgotten" (implemented due to the generous support of the European Jewish Fund), the project "Virtual Museum of Judaica in Moldova" (implemented thanks to the support of Dutch Humanitarian Jewish Fund and the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress).

As a JCM contribution to the development of a tolerant society in Moldova we would like to mention projects such as the "tour of the Holocaust in Bessarabia places" (supported by European Jewish Fund), project "Tolerance – Holocaust Lessons» implemented together with the Eurasian Jewish Congress.

Information about all the projects implemented by JCM can be found on News domain of our web site.





Jewish Community of the Republic of Moldova is grateful to all partner’s foundations and organizations
we had the opportunity to fruitfully work with for a long while:

Jewish Foundation for the Righteous

Initiative group "Hamama"

The L. A. Pincus Fund

Limmud FSU

The ROI Community

Embassy of the United States of America in Moldova


Special thanks on behalf of the Jewish community of Moldova we would like to expresses to the foundations and organizations
that have repeatedly provided support and assistance to the undertakings and initiatives of the Community:

European Jewish Fund

Dutch Humanitarian Jewish Fund

The Euro-Asian Jewish Congress


On behalf of the entire Jewish community of Moldova we wish all of the employees, managers and leaders of those sponsors - best of luck, health, peace and prosperity!



Public Association “Jewish Community of the Republic of Moldova” is a nationwide organization consisting of 9 regional Jewish Communities and different organizations in Chisinau.





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