Protection of cultural and historical heritage

One of the important activities held by JCM is protection of cultural and historical heritage, much of which is aimed to perpetuate the memory of the Holocaust victims, creation and reconstruction of monuments, memorials on the sites of mass executions. JCM supports rallies, marches, memorial meetings, monuments protection as well as care to preserve those.


Monuments and memorials

In many towns and villages there were installed & reconstructed monuments for Vvictims of fascism" and "Victims of the Holocaust."

  • v. Vertiujeni - 1992
  • c. Dubossari - 1992
  • mun. Chisinau - 1993
  • v. Cosauti - 1993
  • c. Soroca - 1993
  • mun. Balti - 1998, renovated in 2009
  • v. Reutel - 1998, renovated in 2013
  • c. Bendery - 2002
  • v. Colbasna - 2003
  • v. Fantana Alba - 2003
  • v. Pepeni - 2004, renovated in 2010
  • c. Rybnitsa - 2004
  • v. Beloci - 2005
  • v. Burlaneshty - 2007
  • v. Frasino - 2008
  • c. Rybnitsa - 2009
  • v. Ploti - 2009
  • v. Marculesti - 2010
  • v. Gratieshty - 2012

There is held on an ongoing reconstruction of the monument to "Victims of fascism" on Orhei highway in the municipality of Chisinau. A lot of work has been done in this respect, including receiving all completed design for reconstruction of the monument, approve and signature on the project from the Mayor’s office as well as from the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Moldova.

Currently it is planned to install a monument to Holocaust victims in Tiraspol.


Actions and events

Annually JCM supports provision following events:

  • meeting-requiem dedicated to the International Holocaust Remembrance Day on January 27
  • rally near the Holocouast victims monument in Marculesti
  • meeting - requiem for the victims of September 1941 shootings in Dubossari
  • meeting-requiem "In memory of the victims of the Kishinev 1903 pogrom"
  • march of remembrance in v. Reutsel.
  • JCM participates in meetings dedicated to the Day of Remembrance of the fallen in Israel's wars, to the Day of the Holocaust on April 19.
  • JCM together with youth organizations hold special actions to clean and refine territory near the monument "Victims of fascism" on Orhei highway.
  • JCM together with youth organizations hold special actions to clean Jewish cemetery of St. Lazarus quarters (former cemetery "Doina").

 As a dedication ad remembrance of 110th anniversary of the Kishinev pogrom, in 2013 JCM participated in several events including:

  • conference at the Academy of Sciences of Moldova;
  • concert at the National Philharmonic named after S. Lunkevich;
  • youth Forum;
  • JCM sponsored a meeting of Remembrance of the Kishinev pogrom of 1903 and placement of the photo exhibition around the square near the monument of Stefan cel Mare. (available on Russian and Rumanian)


Perpetuating the memory

Over the past years, JCM is actively involved working to perpetuate the memory of the prominent community members, such as L. Dubinovsky, E. Bogdanovsky and S.Shoikhet. The visualized results of this work are:

  • Installation of a memorial plaque dedicated to E. Bogdanovsky
  • One of the new streets in the city named after the famous writer in Yiddish - Ihil Sraibman.
  • In 2014 JCM was installed a plaque dedicated to L. Dubinovsky.

Some ongoing working projects:

  • Installation of a memorial plaque dedicated to S. Soihet memory.
  • Posthumous award state award "Medal of the Republic" to L. Dubinovsky and S. Soihet.


Returning historical property

2010 was underlined by another significant event in the life of JCM. Former synagogue and yeshiva Rabbi Tsirelson was purchased from the state. Community has funded works related to projecting the restoration. Project is approved and signed off by the Mayor’s office and the Ministry of Culture of Moldova



Public Association “Jewish Community of the Republic of Moldova” is a nationwide organization consisting of 9 regional Jewish Communities and different organizations in Chisinau.





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