Social programs

The goal of any social program provided be it the Jewish Community of the Republic of Moldova is to create conditions for healthy, cultural, educational, harmonious and comprehensive development of personality. In this regard, social programs can be divided, depending due to the age of the target audience



  • Congratulations of the Jewish kindergarten pupils with gift sets for all the holidays in the Jewish calendar (the program has been holding annually).
  • Congratulations of the orphan pupils of the boarding school number 3 with Hanukkah gift sets (the program is held annually).
  • Support for Jewish schools of the capital (the program is held annually).
  • The Jewish kindergarten has been completely repaired.
  • The outdoor playgrounds for each of the five groups has been installed on the territory of the Jewish kindergarten.
  • JCM supports and provides assistance in conducting summer camps, day activities & other programs for children (the program is being held annually)
  • JCM congratulates children with June 1st (program held annually).




  • JCM provides support and participation of Jewish youth organizations in the various holidays of the Jewish calendar
  • JCM supports sports festival - Hileliada
  • JCM supports and participates in cultural and educational programs as well as the activities of the Jewish youth organizations including camps, seminars and trainings.



"Golden Age"

  • Implementation of the "Elijahu" Pesach Project - supporting poor and inactive members of the community (the program is being held annually).
  • JCM provides financial support to Jewish veterans for the WWII Victory Day holiday (the program is being held annually).  
  • JCM congratulates Jewish veterans on the anniversary of the Iasi-Kishinev operation providing them with the food packages (the program is being held annually).
  • JCM provides systematic charitable assistance to Jewish veterans of Moldova (the program is being conducted on a monthly basis)
  • JCM provides charitable assistance to the citizens of Moldova, awarded with the title of the "Righteous Gentile Among the Nations" and their descendants (the program is being conducted on a monthly basis).


For all of the ages

  • Procurement and distribution of Pesah matzah to all members of the community through the network of Jewish organizations and communities in Moldova (the program is being held annually)


For successful implementation of its projects and programs, Jewish community of Moldova supports the development of volunteerism and preservation of the idea of volunteering.



Public Association “Jewish Community of the Republic of Moldova” is a nationwide organization consisting of 9 regional Jewish Communities and different organizations in Chisinau.





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