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  • Friday, 27 June 2014 00:00

Strengthening external relations and participation in governmental, ethno-cultural and international events are very important components of the Jewish community of Moldova for successful projects and programs implementation.

The Jewish Community of the Republic of Moldova (JCM) is a member of the European Jewish Congress, the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress, the World Jewish Congress. JCM is a part of signed Cooperation Agreement with the Federation of Jewish Communities of Romania, JCM maintains close communication and collaboration with the All-Ukrainian Jewish Congress, the Russian Jewish Congress, the World Congress of Russian Jewry, as well as friendly relationship with the American Jewish Committee and other international Jewish organizations and foundations.

Jewish Community of the Republic of Moldova (JCM) has a number of projects and programs implemented together with Jewish organizations operating in the country, including the Consulate of Israel in Moldova, Israeli Cultural Centerthe Permanent Mission of "Jewish Agency" in Moldova (JAFI) and the Branch of the American Jewish Distribution Committee "Joint "Moldova" (JDC).

JCM actively participates in the Bureau of Interethnic Relations activities, starting from annual participation in the ethno-cultural festival to participation in the Congress of expats from Moldova.

JCM maintains warm, friendly and business relationship with the embassies of different countries in Moldova, including embassies of Russian Federation, Germany, Poland, Hungary and USA.

The Jewish community of Moldova is often visited by delegations from other countries as well as delegations from friendly Jewish organizations and diplomatic delegations.

JCM stuff annually attends different educational seminars, conferences and forums abroad including ones held in Ukraine, Germany, Poland, Belarus, Italy, Belgium, Romania and Israel.

For example:

- Each year, delegates from JCM actively participate in Art Forum, held in Minsk, Belarus;

- JCM delegates annually participate in the international seminar "Machol", Romania;

- JCM delegates annually participate in the International Seminar for Young Jewish leaders in Israel;

- Mr. Zagorcha, chair of Edinet organization "Immortality", participated in the eighth Holocaust international conference held in the memorial complex Yad Vashem. Mr. Zagorcha participation became possible thanks to the generous financial support of the JCM Co-Chairmen and Mr. А. Leibovich


Director of the Community, Mrs. Marina Lekartseva is a member of the European Jewish Parliament.



Public Association “Jewish Community of the Republic of Moldova” is a nationwide organization consisting of 9 regional Jewish Communities and different organizations in Chisinau.





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