Jewish Calendar for the 5775


Rosh Ha Shanah has already passed and traditionally, as it happens for several years, the Jewish community of Moldova launched a new calendar for the year 5775.

JCM Director Lekartseva Marina, told us about the specific features of the new calendar, and what is the theme of this year calendar.



- Please, Marina, would you describe us how you created the calendar?

- Every year traditionally calendar is made by the JCM team, apparently with the help of experts and professionals. This year, on behalf of the entire team, I want to thank Olga Sivak and Anastasia Moskaliuk for their valuable help in creating a calendar. Our special thanks goes to Valery Oprah, our designer, for his continuing support and valuable advice.


- Obviously every year the theme of the calendar changes. What topic was chosen for calendar year 5775?

- Each of our calendar is definitely dedicated to Jewish themes. Every year we try to discover something new and interesting for all the Jews of the community. In 5772 the theme was "Jewish Shtetl Chisinau (Kishinev Jewish before the First World War)." Last year - famous all over the world Jewish immigrants from Moldova.

Calendar for the year 5775 we decided to dedicate to the theme - forgotten synagogues of Moldova.


- Why forgotten synagogues?


- In 2014, the Jewish community of the Republic of Moldova celebrates its 25th anniversary since the beginning of the community life revival.

Since 1989, community leaders sought to restore former unity of the Jewish people, they made efforts to preserve existing cultural - historical heritage and return of Jewish traditions.

Performing was aggravated and complicated due to mass emigration of the Jewish population of the region. After the mass repatriation in the 90s most of the buildings that were previously Jewish property were confiscated or abandoned. Many housing, medical and educational institutions, industries, religious buildings were irretrievably lost. The surviving buildings are often in disrepair.

Therefore, paying tribute to the Jews who took active part in the establishment and prosperity of the Moldovan state, this year it was decided to dedicate the calendar to this particular topic.


- How can one get a calendar?

- Unfortunately, due to low circulation, calendar basically goes to the leaders of Jewish organizations throughout Moldova, where it can be read & seen by anyone. Also a few copies will go abroad and to the country's leadership.

For years, the JCM calendar is considered as unique. I hope that this year's calendar will also be praised by the community members.

I want to wish you all a Happy New Jewish Year 5775! I wish you all a happy and sweet year! Shana Tova!




Public Association “Jewish Community of the Republic of Moldova” is a nationwide organization consisting of 9 regional Jewish Communities and different organizations in Chisinau.





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