Chag Sukkot Sameach!!!


Dear Friends!

I heartily congratulate each of you with the holiday of Sukkot. This holiday reminds us of the times when our ancestors lived in tents during their 40-years wandering in the desert.

Sukkot begins on the 15th day of the year (15 Tishrey) and lasts for 7 days. This is the time when farmers, completing the harvest, can relax before the first rains.

The word "sukkah", which gave the name of the holiday, means "tent" or "hut", or "booths" and symbolizes the rejection of a generally dangerous illusion that a reliable house roof makes our houses safe. Safety and reliability depends very existence of other causes.

Traditionally Jewish people lift and bless all four types of plants each of which symbolizes the certain type of people. Etrog, possessing and taste, and smell - is the Jew who knows the Torah and makes good deeds. Date palm leaf, which gives the fruit sweet but odorless - is the Jew who have knowledge of the Torah, but do not do good deeds. Myrtle - inedible plant but pleasant smelling - are Jews, from which, as the aroma, good things come. Willow, which has neither taste nor smell - is the Jews who do not know the Torah and do no good deeds.

It is noteworthy that during Sukkot Jews ask for a blessing not only for themselves but also for other people. Since ancient times, the Jews during Sukkot brought to the Temple 70 sacrificial bulls. The Talmud explains that this was done in order to spread prosperity to the " all seventy nations of the world."

In the holiday of Sukkot, I wish you all fun, joy and prosperity.



JCM Chairman

Alexander Bilinkis



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