“VIRTUAL MUSEUM OF JUDAICA IN MOLDOVA” on the left bank of the Dniester


This is the second year when the Jewish Community of the Republic of Moldova has been organizing expeditions to different cities of Moldova in search of the exhibits for “Virtual museum of Judaica in Moldova”. As in Tiraspol the paths of history led the project team to Rybnita, where the boards of Rybnita community, employees of the Charity Jewish Center “Hesed” and members of the community have provided invaluable assistance in search of the objects of historical and cultural value.

In the course of expeditions there was also taken a decision to restore the monument on the place of mass execution of Jews during the Second World War.

The project “Virtual museum of Judaica in Moldova “On the trails of history” is carried out by the Jewish community of the Republic of Moldova with financial support from Dutch Jewish Humanitarian Fund, Rothschild Foundation Europe: Welcome and Euro-Asian Jewish Congress.


On the photos: Shabbat knife and Kiddush cups (XXth century) and Ketubah, 1920's







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