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March 2003, the 100th anniversary of the Kishinev pogrom gave birth to publishing of first four thin pages of the “Jewish shtetl" (Evreyskoye mestechko) newspaper, published by the Charity Fund "Dor le Dor". The editor by that time was Vladimir Yagubets, editor-journalist - Julia Yudovich, since summer 2004 - Ilya Maryash is the chief editor of the newspaper.

Since September 2003, the newspaper has grown considerably and already consisted of eight lanes, by January next year “Jewish shtetl" became weekly. It regularly covered the most important cultural, social and political events.

Newspaper was publishing weekly interviews with prominent politicians - both Moldovan and Israeli.

Since September 2004 the same newspaper has reached the planned mark, it started being published on 12 pages and quickly reached a circulation of 3,000 copies. Four consecutive years “Jewish shtetl" was delivered throughout our country almost to everyone interested on the fund expanse, ie, absolutely free. More than a hundred copies of our publications were sent weekly to Israeli readers, expats from Moldova. The newspaper was also issued to the travelers of flights Tandem-aero Chisinau - Tel Aviv. Newspaper had its subscribers and readers not only in the Promised Land, but also in Germany, U.S. and other countries.

The newspaper was also distributed through kiosks and Post Offices of the capital. In July 2012 a paper version of the newspaper ceased to exist, and the publication is completely transferred to the Internet, thus being presented in a new, modern style.


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Public Association “Jewish Community of the Republic of Moldova” is a nationwide organization consisting of 9 regional Jewish Communities and different organizations in Chisinau.





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