Theoretical lyceum ORT 'Rambam'

Rambam lyceum was opened as a Jewish school No.15 in August 1992 at the initiative of the Jewish community that it currently holds close relationship with, those relationships intends to instill in the people’s hearts love to the national culture as an organic part of human civilization. That is the love that makes people do good things. Training and education through the sources of ancient culture – that is one of the main tasks of the school, which in 2005 was reorganized into the Theoretical Lyceum named ORT Rambam.

Main areas of lyceum activities include enhancing connection with the national Moldovan and Jewish traditions & culture by training and education as well as creating the special role of the school into the process of Jewish culture revival.

Lyceum is a special place that unites qualified personnel of like-minded teachers & companions who feel love and concern toward their mission.

Along with these teachers, there is young personnel who works side by side with them and feel the eagerness to continue their professional development.

Special attention belongs to the Jewish life cycle studies aimed at enhancing Jewish identity with the support of history and traditions studying. Pupils’ development is a complex process, beside learning of ancestors cultural heritage, involving also the study of other subjects such as music, fine arts, technological education, which takes into account the renewed models of Jewish creativity, folklore thus creating communication link with the contemporary Israely art.

Special attention goes to studying of Romanian language & English. In elementary school, children also learn Yiddish.

We understand huge importance of the national identity and morality formation that belongs to extracurricular activities provided in lyceum. During high school students have ability to participate in various clubs & section of interest. Most of the activities carried out in high school are on the Jewish people history and traditions. We live due to the Jewish calendar.

Special attention is paid to the Holocaust. Students visit Holocaust sites of Ukraine and Moldova. We opened a Holocaust museum. Joint forces of parents and students ensured installment of the monument to the victims of this terrible period of the Jewish people history.

There is a strong Parental Association actively involved into the school life both in educating pupils and equipping lyceum logistics. Each parent has its own priorities and criteria while choosing a school for a child.

Every year the Lyceum preparatory department opens its doors to welcome future first-graders. Work during the preparatory class is aimed on creating of a strong team, development of kids attention & concentration, memory, logical thinking. Children are taught languages​​, foundations of computer science, logic, mathematics. September 1 is the day when children confidently cross the threshold of the Lyceum and become actively involved in the learning process.


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Public Association “Jewish Community of the Republic of Moldova” is a nationwide organization consisting of 9 regional Jewish Communities and different organizations in Chisinau.





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