Union of the Jews-veterans of the WWII

In 22 June 1941 had begun a World War II for USSR citizens. In 03:15 AM (MSK) Nazi army has begun to attack USSR frontier from Barents Sea till Black Sea.

Many people of different nationalities joined the army to rescue Motherland. They had defended towns, held off many assaults of Nazis, defended to the last drop of blood innocent people. In countless battles soldiers become heroes and were killed.

During this war in battles were killed more then 2’300 Jews-soldiers, and more then 1’000 had come back home with disabilities.

Jews in the Soviet Army defended not only their republic but also Odessa, Sevastopol, they defended their Motherland in the battle of Stalingrad and in the battle of Moscow, resisted to Nazis on Northern Caucasus, and took part in Berlin Offensive. And later they defeated Japanese army on Russian Far East.

After 2nd September 1945 when war was ended all soldiers returned to their homes to rebuild them and their lives from the beginning.

In nowadays in the Republic of Moldova live 39 Jews-veterans of WWII.

The Republican Union of Jews War 1941-1945 Veterans is a part of the JCRM structure.

Active members of Union participate in social and cultural programs in Moldova and Transnistria region. Veterans tell about the war heroes, war against Nazism, peace and friendship of all nations.


Chairman of the Union – Mikhail Bekker

Phone +373 (22) 27-55-92



Public Association “Jewish Community of the Republic of Moldova” is a nationwide organization consisting of 9 regional Jewish Communities and different organizations in Chisinau.





If you have any interesting information or questions, do not hesitate to contact with us:

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