What is Limmud

Limmud, the volunteer-driven Jewish learning experience started in Great Britain over 33 years ago and has now spread to  more than 60 countries across the world. Built on a unique model of seminars, lectures, workshops and discussions focusing on an enormous range of topics, from social and political trends within Jewish communities and around the world, to Israeli politics; from Jewish cooking; to traditional texts, Yiddish theater and music and much more.

Some of the lecturers are prominent academics and journalists; others discuss their hobbies and inspire others with their enthusiasm. Presenters of one topic become participants in workshops on another. All participants are equal; all choose topics of interest to them and select the sessions they wish to attend. All lecturers and presenters are volunteers.

The primary mission of Limmud is to develop, support, and continue to expand Jewish educational programs throughout the world. We of Limmud FSU fully recognize our responsibility to support the spread of this global success story, helping other communities to benefit from the experience we have gained.

The first Limmud Conference took place in the UK in 1980, awakening inspiration in hundreds of activists who returned home full of enthusiasm. This resulted in the idea of organizing local Limmud events. The Jerusalem Post reported in 2000 “Every place that has Jews should have its own Limmud.”


Limmud is a dynamic, pluralistic gathering of Jewish learning. Limmud seminars and conferences are now held around the globe, from Canada to Australia, Switzerland to Turkey, South Africa to New Zealand, in Israel and the United States, and attract Jews of all ages and backgrounds, including people who have studied Jewish subjects intensively as well as those who have practically no previous knowledge.






Public Association “Jewish Community of the Republic of Moldova” is a nationwide organization consisting of 9 regional Jewish Communities and different organizations in Chisinau.





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