Permanent Representative of Jewish Agency for Israel 'Sohnut' in Moldova

"The Jewish Agency for Israel" in the Republic of Moldova is represented by an NGO called Permanent Representation of the Jewish Agency "Jewish Agency" in Moldova, the short name in Russian - "Sohnut". Our organization provides cultural and educational activities in the Republic of Moldova through various programs in social, educational, cultural and other spheres.

Permanent Representation of the Jewish Agency "Jewish Agency" was opened in Moldova in 1991, then becoming one of the first representations of Israeli organizations that started its activity in Moldova.


Goals and objectives of SOHNUT "JAFI" are as follows:

  • strengthening connections between Jewish population of Moldova and the State of Israel,   integration with the Jewish communities in other countries;
  • providing educational activities in the areas of Jewish culture, history and tradition, supporting interest in studying Hebrew;
  • providing information and consultancy to Moldovan citizens having Jewish roots, those who decided to settle in the State of Israel, in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Moldova;
  • supporting Moldovan organizations and Jewish communities on the territory of the Republic of Moldova in studying of Jewish culture, history and traditions as well as Hebrew language;
  • supporting the Jewish school and pre-school institutions



To achieve these goals, "SOHNUT" JAFI is providing:

- Various activities for the Jewish community of Moldova thus strengthening relations with the State of Israel and expressing solidarity

- Strengthens the connection of Jewish youth with the State of Israel with the help of programs like "Birthright" and "MASA"

- Involves Jewish youth of the Republic of Moldova in social activism, helps strengthen ties between young people from different countries of the Jewish world.

-  Revives interrupted connection of Russian speaking Jewry with their traditions, language & history of the Jewish people.


"Jewish Agency" Moldova is working closely with the Jewish community of the Republic of Moldova, the Israeli cultural center, with AJJDC "Joint" in Moldova, Jewish Cultural Center "KEDEM" Jewish schools and kindergarten, as well as other Jewish and Moldovan organizations.

In the Republic of Moldova "Jewish Agency" is represented by three offices located in Chisinau, Balti and Bender.

Within the framework of the Permanent Mission of the Jewish Agency "SOHNUT" there is working a department of Immigration (alyah) and the Department of Education; Youth Club for children, youth and students club "Nesharim."

Representation ensures provision of diverse activities including holding variety of seminars, meetings, Sunday school for children, winter and summer camps for children and youth, JAFI implements various socio-educational and cultural projects, there are successfully running course of Hebrew(Ulpan) and studio painting "Keshet" for children.

Youth club "Nesharim" activities are aimed on strengthening Jewish identity and youth development in Moldova. Topics of the club projects employ Jewish culture, Judaism, modern Israel, group work and communication, creativity in various forms and manifestations, Pedagogy of the 21st century, etc.

We, the Jewish Agency for Israel, "SOHNUT" Moldova, connect Jews from the Republic of Moldova with the State of Israel, with each other, with their Jewish heritage and our common national future.

We continue our mission of reviving Jewish connection with their people, heritage and the Land of Israel, we care about the prosperity of the Jewish people with a strong Israel at the center of our national life.


Head of Delegation - Mr.Azarov Shlomo

Tel. (+ 373 22) 22 33 05, (+ 373 22) 22 02 05

Fax: (+373 22) 22 19 81





Balti  tel. (+373 231) 4-37-14

Bendery tel. (+373-552) 2-40-70



Public Association “Jewish Community of the Republic of Moldova” is a nationwide organization consisting of 9 regional Jewish Communities and different organizations in Chisinau.





If you have any interesting information or questions, do not hesitate to contact with us:

Address: 5 E. Doga str., of. 229, Chisinau MD-2005, Moldova

Tel/fax : +373(22)509689