A rally in the support of Israel

On August 3rd at 11 am in the city of Chisinau there took place a rally in the support of Israel organized be the JCM.

More then 300 people from different regions of the country gathered near the “Victims of Chisinau Ghetto” monument to show their solidarity with the state of Israel. More than 2600 missiles were shoot by Hamas on the territory of Israel from the beginning of June. "Iron Dome" was the only factor thanks which, thousands of Israelis of different religions: Jews, Muslims, Christians were saved. "Hamas began to fire rockets into Israeli territory, and Israel has the right to self-defense, which must be respected," - expressed their opinion participants of the rally.

70% of Israel territory is exposed to rafale. It is not yet resulted in numerous casualties among the local population only because the IDF protection of civilians - unlike Hamas. Hamas uses population of Gaza as human shields, hiding behind women and children, by placing in residential areas rocket launchers, warehouses with arms, armament production workshop - among children and hospitals, as well as buildings of international organizations: UN and Red Crescent Societies.

The world political community is forcing state of Israel for a ceasefire. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, made ​​a special appeal, saying that "the operation in Gaza will only end when we are certain to achieve goals: a heavy blow to Hamas organization and return of the long-term peace to the residents of Israel. We will do whatever is necessary to protect the safety of Israel citizens ".

Participants of the rally expressed support for the actions of the Israeli government aimed to protect its country, its people and the right to self-defense in conditions long brutal attacks from the Gaza Strip and the terrorist attacks of Hamas militants.

"The rally was organized in support of the State of Israel and its anti-terrorist operation in the Gaza Strip. We would like to express our support for the fight against terrorism, to explain the world that there is a necessity to support this operation in order to ensure the safety of the citizens of Israel, "- said Alexander Bilinkis, Chairman of the Jewish Community of Moldova. - "The international community should not equate a democratic state and a terrorist organization that fires at civilians."

"The conflict is only between Israel and Hamas, not the Palestinian people, as evidenced by Israeli aircraft spreading leaflets in the Gaza Strip. Those leaflets contain Arabic written warning about the beginning of the operation in their neighborhoods and extreme danger to their lives, and the request to leave their homes till the end of the operation, "- commented Marina Lekartseva, director of the Jewish Community of the Republic of Moldova.

"Israel is not the aggressor. Israel has never been one during all of its more than half-century history. Israeli authorities seek peace, and for them it is important to ensure the security of all inhabitants of the country, "- expressed their opinion community members.

Many of the protesters are worried about their loved ones and relatives living in the moment in Israel.

"Dear family and friends, we are proud of you. We believe in your stamina and fortitude. "

"We are together with our families are going through every day bombing and sighed with relief that none of them are now not perish. We are with them hope for a speedy completion of this nightmare defeat terrorism. "

"Any attack on Israel - a blow to us. We mourn all victims of the conflict. "

"That is why the government and the IDF should continue military operation - as long as it achieves lasting prevention of terrorist threats. Therefore, we express our support for Israel, its government and the army. "



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