Memorial meeting-requiem in Dubossary

On Sunday, September 14 on "Victims of fascism" memorial in Dubossari there was held a memorial meeting-requiem dedicated to the 73rd anniversary of the mass execution of Jews in 1941. It was attended by representatives of the Jewish communities of the Republic of Moldova, as well as officials of the Transnistria.

Meeting-requiem was opened by the Dubossari Jewish community chairman Mr. Ozias Ukshteyn. He appealed to keep remembering all the innocent victims.

"This is one of the most tragic places on our land. In Moldova & neighboring areas of Ukraine no massacre of such a huge number of people had happened"- said Ozias Ukshteyn.

Deputy head of the Dubossari State Administration Mr. Yevgeny Petrov stressed in his speech that "one can never forget about those events. Today, some so-called "historians" are trying to reshape the historical truth. Never in Transnistria there will not triumph fascism and Nazism, we will do everything that such a tragedy will not happen again".

Deputy Foreign Minister Igor PMR Mr. Schornikov, who was present at the meeting as a guest of honor, expressed his support for the relatives of the perished and turned to historical chronicle:

"Since the end of July 1941 a specially crafted SS detachment proceeded to sweep Bessarabia, Transnistria and South of Ukraine from the Jews. Women, old people and children were rounded up in Dubossari. There was created a ghetto in the city. Then the Germans started immediate liquidation of the people before that forcing people to dig pit under the pretext of potato storage. The first shot men who thought that the invaders spared women and children, but all the hopes were in vain. Now at the Memorial we have 11 mass graves, each of which is the rest for over a thousand people. The executions lasted the whole September, "- said Deputy Foreign Minister.

Director of the Jewish Community of Moldova Mrs. Marina Lekartseva noted that "in the historical annals of the Jewish people there are many glorious pages, but also a lot of great tragedies. We need to remember what had happened here 73 years back, tell about it to prevent a similar from happening again. "

Chairman of the RM Association of Ghetto and Concentration Camps prisoners Mr. Vladimir Tsinkler has witnessed the events taking place then. He also expressed his deep gratitude to dubossarians for honoring the memory of the innocent victims, cherishing the memory of those events and passing them on from generation to generation.

At the meeting-requiem as the Deputy Chief Rabbi of Moldova Mr. Daniel Muntean lighted candles into the memory of perished and read “Kaddish”. In memory of the six million who died during the Great Patriotic War, the Jews there were lit torches. On the grave of the victims of genocide laid flowers. Their memory is honored with a minute of silence.



Source: official website of Dubossary



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