21 June 2022

Opening of the monument to the victims of the Holocaust in Orhei

In Moldova for the period 1941-1944. representatives of different ethnic groups became victims of Nazism: Moldovans, Jews, Roma, Russians, Ukrainians, etc. More than 300 thousand Jews were killed on the territory of Moldova, of which most were shot by German and Romanian invaders in 49 concentration camps and ghettos created by order Romanian dictator Ion Antonescu and those who were in Chisinau, Orhei, Edinet, Marculesti, Vertuzhany, Riscani, Cahul and many other settlements.

During the deportation of the remaining Jews of Bessarabia to the concentration camps and ghettos of Transnistria, many were killed along the way. According to official data, 4,000 people died in the territory of Orhei, against whom measures of forcible liquidation were applied by shooting, hanging, beating and stabbing.

Keeping the memory of the victims of the Holocaust alive is a reminder to our generation and those who will follow. Ignoring the bitter lessons of history can lead to their repetition.