27 June 2022

Opening of the synagogue in Balti

We are pleased to announce that on July 3, a synagogue will be opened in Balti on Bessarabska Street after a major overhaul and restoration.

The current synagogue in Balti on Bessarabska Street was purchased in 1988 with funds from the sale of the previous building of the synagogue, which was located on Chisinauskaya Street. The synagogue was purposefully not built here, the building was purchased from a private owner and then converted into a synagogue. The Jewish Community of Balti partially restored and put in order the road.

The building has remained the same. Internal renovation was carried out, heating, water supply and sewerage systems, electrical network, drainage system, lighting, security system were updated and the surrounding area was completely landscaped.

The purpose of the restoration of the synagogue is to maintain Jewish traditions in our city.