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For more than 30 years, the Jewish Community of the Republic of Moldova has been uniting Jews living on the territory of our country. To be responsible for each other and to unite our forces for the common good is one of the principles of the Jewish Community

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Historical stages of Jewish residence
on the territory of Bessarabia and Moldova

In 1812, Bessarabia became part of the Russian Empire. In 1818 it became part of the Pale of settlement. The relocation of Jews to Bessarabia from other regions of Russia and European countries begins

1835In 1835, Jewish agricultural colonies began to be established in Bessarabia. From 1835 to 1853, 18 such colonies were created.

• Soroksky County – 9 Jewish colonies
• Orhei County – 3 colonies
• Yassky (Beletsky) county – 2 colonies
• Chisinau county – 2 colonies
• Khotinsky County – 1 colony
• Bendery County – 1 colony

About 16% of the Jewish population of the country are Jewish farmers. Tobacco farming and winemaking are developing in the colonies, new French grape varieties are being grown, and Jewish schools are being opened.

1853 – 1902In 1866, Jews were forbidden to acquire land plots. In 1882, Jews were forbidden to rent land and live in rural areas.

After the death of Alexander II, pogroms occur in the Russian Empire. There were no pogroms in Bessarabia.

Jews live in Bessarabia in 200 towns and cities.

Jews of Bessarabia are leaving for America, Latin America, Europe. The first emigrants to Palestine.

1903Jewish pogrom in Chisinau. Dozens of dead and hundreds of wounded. Jews all over the world are shocked.

1905 – 1918The pogroms of 1905 affect Bessarabia. There are dozens of pogroms, including in Chisinau. Emigration is increasing. Jewish communities create self-defense units. In 1917, the Russian Empire is dying. Bessarabia is part of Romania. On the territory beyond the Dniester, the Moldavian Autonomous Republic is formed as part of Ukraine.

1941 -1944 – The Holocaust in BessarabiaIn August 1941, by order of Ion Antonescu, 49 camps and ghettos were created on the territory of Bessarabia. The largest of them were the camp in Vertyuzhany — 23,000 people, the camp in Secureny — 20,000 people and the camp in Edintsy — 13,000 people. In total, more than 300 thousand Jews died in Bessarabia and Transnistria during the Nazi occupation

1989 – The beginning of the reconstruction of the Jewish CommunityIn 1989, the Republican Society of Jewish Culture (OEK) was founded.

Jewish organizations and societies of Jewish culture are being created in Chisinau, Orhei, Soroki, Balti, Bender, Cahul, Edintsy, Rybnitsa, Tiraspol, Grigoriopol, Dubossary.

Since 2008, it has been operating as a Public Association “Jewish Community of the Republic of Moldova” (EORM).

Regional communities

Jewish organizations

Museum of the History of the Jews of RM

The project was made possible thanks to fruitful cooperation with the I. Manger Chisinau Jewish Library, the museums of the history of the cities of Balti, Soroca, Chisinau, Bender, Rybnitsa, the Holocaust Museum of the ORT Lyceum named after Rambam, the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Moldova, the Chisinau Jewish Community House KEDEM, the National Archive of the Republic of Moldova, the web portal , Republican Volunteer Center, private family collections, experts, Jewish schools and volunteers.

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