7 March 2022

A helping hand to our Ukrainian tribesmen

In recent days thousands of refugees have arrived in Moldova from the territory of Ukraine,  including Jewish. Most of them women with children, students, older people. Many of them continued their way to Romania for the subsequent move to the EU and Israel.

Jewish Community of Moldova has so far arranged two places of temporary accommodation for Jewish refugees from Ukraine with an overall capacity of up to 200 places.

Today approximately 1500 people are placed in 11 Accommodation Centres for refugees, which are organised for members of the Jewish Community of Ukraine and situated not only in the Capital, but also in the other regions of Moldova, as well.  In addition, food, sanitation, transportation and other assistance is offered to all the places of temporary accommodation for Jews from Ukraine as well as considerable support is provided to the local public authorities.

The Jewish Community of the Republic of Moldova thanks Feed Israel, Friends of Kishinev Jewry, World Jewish Congress, HIAS Europe, Eric Reiner, Founder and Managing Partner of Vine Ventures, Board of Trustees of the Jewish Community, members of the Jewish Community of the Republic of Moldova, private donors for the generous support offered which amplified our assistance.

We have also allocated support to the representatives of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Nativ in their work having several coordinating meetings and working in cooperation with JDC Moldova.

According to increasing new arriving refugees everyday, it takes a lot of effort and financial expenses and it becomes harder and harder to keep daily these temporary Accommodation Centres for Ukrainian refugees .

Please, support us to get through these tough times, so we can go on and help our Ukrainian tribesmen!