30 November 2022

Annual meeting of the General Assembly of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress

On Wednesday, November 30, the annual meeting of the General Assembly of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress took place. The Jewish Community of the Republic of Moldova, a member of this important regional organization, also took part in the event. The community was represented by the first vice-president of EAJC and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of EJC Emmanuel Grinshpun and the director of JCM, Aliona Grossu, who spoke about the challenges that the community faces today. 

In his online speech, Emmanuel Grinshpun thanked the Eurasian Jewish Congress and its leadership, represented by Michael Mirilashvili, for the active cooperation and support they have shown for the Jewish Community of Moldova. “This is especially important today, when the republic is in a crisis situation due to difficulties related to energy supplies, as well as the increase in inflation, rapidly exceeding all forecasts,” Emmanuel Grinshpun emphasized. However, despite the difficulties, the Jewish Community of Moldova continues to help those from Ukraine, working on new projects and expanding those which have already been implemented. In particular, JCM has set up the Center for Humanitarian Aid, which actively cooperates with all Jewish organizations of the country and region.

Many others took part in the Congress, including: the President of EAJC, Dr. Michael Mirilashvili, the Chairman of Board of EAJC, Aaron G. Frenkel, the first vice-presidents of EAJC, Emmanuel Grinshpun and Boris Lojkin, vice-presidents of EAJC, Mark Shabad, David Yakobashvili, and Moshe Shvets, General Director, Dr. Haim Ben Yaakov, and also the leaders of Jewish communities and the organizations – the Congress members participated in the Assembly.

The Euro-Asian Jewish Congress brings together Jewish communities and organizations of the Euro-Asian region and works to protect the rights and interests of Jews in national bodies and international organizations. As a regional partner of the World Jewish Congress, the Eurasian Jewish Congress promotes the unity of the Jewish people and ensures the continuity of Jewish traditions and communal life in the Eurasian region.