6 May 2022

Share your heart

Thousands of refugees, including those of Jewish nationality, have arrived in Moldova from the territory of Ukraine last days. Mostly they are women with children, students, elderly people. Many continued their journey to Romanian for further relocation to the EU and Israel. The rest, for various reasons, remain in Moldova for the time being and need food, shelter and support.

Present days 11 centers for members of the Jewish community of Ukraine have been organized throughout Moldova, and absolutely everyone has their own severe stories that you listen to with bated breath and pain in your soul.

Raisa Alexandrovna and Valery Fridrikhovich are an elderly couple who were forced to leave their home in Odessa. On February 28 , 2022 , they were told: “Tomorrow at 6 am, a bus will be waiting for you at the train station, which will take you to a safe place — to Chisinau.” Taking the most necessary things — documents, some clothes — they left. In Chisinau, they were met and settled at the recreation center “Dacia Marine” in Vadul lui Voda.

“Our community (Jewish) of departure from Odessa. In general, we went for it, because I know how much more they will take out and the further, the worse. At the customs they let us through, as members of the Jewish Community, we quickly passed. As soon as we arrived, in Moldova, we were handed out clothes, tested to feed us. We are fed here (at the base), we have a comfortable room with everything you need. I am Jewish, and my husband is not, but he is ready to become a mountain for the court. We live free, we are fed, we are taken care of. It’s hard for my husband and I to go up to the second floor and we come to visit the room, tea. It was chilly and they brought us a heater and another blanket. We are waiting for a son-in-law, he should fly to us from Canada and take us there to our children and grandchildren. It turns out that so many good people are willing to help and share their hearts. The soul rejoices that there are such people in the world, ” Raisa Aleksandrovna and Valery Fridrikhovich shared their chosen one.

Many Jews are being repatriated to Israel these days. Diplomatic staff of the State of Israel and representatives of the NATIV agency in Chisinau help refugees from Ukraine in repatriation and provide consular support. Every day about fifty families come asking for help, and each of them with their own tragic story of fleeing from a neighboring country.

​A family from near Kiev was separated by the war. The girls, aged 13 and 15, studied at a religious Jewish school in Kiev, and their parents lived in a nearby town. Recently, the family was forced to live in two cities. When the war broke out, for the sake of safety, the children were evacuated from school to Belarus, and the parents were taken to Chisinau. Now mom and dad are doing documents for repatriation and doing everything possible to hug their daughters again.

​Tatiana in a hurry managed to take only a small purse over her shoulder, a passport, and the clothes in which she got to Chisinau. “That’s all I’m left with. That’s all…” the woman repeated in tears.

​A girl with a dog named Mickey applied for a consular check for the purpose of repatriation. “I managed to take the most expensive things with me and leave there. I didn’t want to, but it was necessary for our safety. Mickey’s ears fell down because of fear… I’m scared, but I can’t imagine how he feels,” the girl said, stroking the dog.

We pray for peace! !אנחנו מתפללים לשלום

In these difficult times, the Jewish Community of the Republic of Moldova supports all Jews and Ukrainians and mobilizes support among Jewish organizations in Moldova.

Support us so that we can lend a helping hand to our fellow tribesmen from Ukraine.