10 July 2022

Another landscaped green area has appeared in the Riscani sector!

The leadership of the Jewish Community of Moldova supported the rehabilitation project for the park on Ivan Zaikin Street, which was opened this weekend.

The square was rehabilitated thanks to financial support in the amount of more than 3 million lei, provided by three members of the Board of Trustees of the Jewish Community of the Republic of Moldova: Alexander Nisenboim, Emmanuil Grinshpun and Alexandru Bilinkis.

The opening ceremony was attended by the General Mayor of the municipality, Ion Ceban, the President of the Jewish Community of Moldova, Alexandru Bilinkis, representatives of the Pretura of the Riscani sector, members of the Jewish Community and residents of the city.

Alexander Bilinkis noted in his speech that very warm childhood memories connect him with this place, since his grandparents lived on the street. Zaikin. “I spent very happy years of my childhood here and I am glad that the families living in this area of ​​the city, as well as all Chisinau residents, will have more opportunities to spend time in a beautiful, ennobled park. We love our city very much and do everything to make it more comfortable for the citizens.”

The following works were carried out according to the project:

– arrangement of pedestrian alleys;
– installation of street furniture;
– construction of a protective barrier;
– installation of street lighting;
– improvement of the green zone;
– installation of the irrigation system;
– installation of video surveillance cameras;
– installation of a playground;
– construction of an access road for people with limited mobility.

“We want to do a lot in Chisinau. Everyone should feel comfortable in this city.” , said the head of the municipal administration, Ion Ceban.

Now local residents have another renovated and landscaped park.