6 May 2022

A seminar was held in France, in which the Jewish Community of the Republic of Moldova also took part

A seminar was held in Paris, which was attended by representatives of communities from Europe, including Moldova, and the USA.

The three-day meeting in France touched upon issues related to the reception and support of refugees from Ukraine, providing them with practical, legal and psychological support, raised issues of professional support in resettlement and their integration into the society of other countries.

The seminar was also visited by an employee of the Jewish Community of the Republic of Moldova – Riva Koksharova, as a coordinator for the resettlement of Ukrainian refugees from Moldova.

“It is a great honor for me to take part in the seminar, to receive a lot of important information, to meet leaders from Europe who professionally accept refugees. In particular, to hear evidence of the successful resettlement of families in France and their integration. This gives more confidence that we are doing great and important work for people who need our help and support.”

The Jewish Community of the Republic of Moldova is implementing the project with the support of HAAS Europe. Over the next months, we will deal with the relocation of members of the Jewish communities of Ukraine who are looking for an opportunity to find a new home.

Detailed information about participation in the project can be obtained by e-mail: rkoksharova@jcm.md or by phone: +37369301248