6 May 2022

International Romani Union

April 8, the International Roma Day was celebrated in Moldova

The message released at the event organized by the Agency for Interethnic Relations, which was attended by Presidential Adviser for Culture and Interethnic Relations Angela Yerizanu Brasoveanu, states that “Today, the Roma are an integral part of our society – a vibrant, vibrant and full-fledged community, full of talents, which gave personality that we are all proud of.”

Representatives of the Jewish Community of the Republic of Moldova were also present at this event. Aliona Grossu, Director of the FEED, congratulated the representatives of the Roma community of Moldova, emphasizing the importance of cooperation and respect for the rights of persons belonging to national minorities in a democratic society.

On this day in 1971, a World Congress was held in London, at which the International Romani Union (International Romani Union) was established. Currently, it unites Roman public organizations from dozens of countries around the world.