24 July 2022

Meeting of Alexander Bilinkis and the Ambassador of France

The Jewish Community of the Republic of Moldova is actively working in the field of public diplomacy. In this context, a meeting was held between the President of the Jewish Community of the Republic of Moldova, Alexandru Bilinkis, and the French Ambassador to Moldova, EP Paul Graham.

The Chairman of the Community told Mr. Ambassador about the activities of the organization, its structure and tasks.

The main projects and directions of the Community’s work were presented.

Among the challenges faced by the Community were hate crimes, hate speech and anti-Semitism, the prevention, investigation and punishment of which, unfortunately, is not yet implemented effectively enough.

Mr. Ambassador emphasized the importance of preventing and punishing anti-Semitism, as well as preserving and promoting the cultural and spiritual heritage of the Jews of Moldova.

The Jewish Community shared information about its cooperation with French partners, in particular with the French media and journalists. Recently, on the initiative of the Jewish Community, the most popular Jewish radio station in Paris, RADIO J, hosted a live meeting with the Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova to France, Ms. Corina Calugarul.



Broadcast interview

During the meetings of the President of the Community and the Ambassador of France, the parties discussed the possibility of presenting in Moldova the documentary film LA MORT EN FACE, LE POGROM DE IASI, shown and co-produced by FRANCE TV, the author of which is the well-known journalist Nellu Conn, who recently visited Moldova.


The Ambassador of France to Moldova and the Chairman of the Jewish Community also touched upon the issues of cooperation in the study of archival materials dedicated to the Chisinau Pogrom of 1903 and agreed to join efforts to prepare commemorative events dedicated to its anniversary next year.