6 May 2022

Organization Magen David Adom opened a temporary medical aid point in Chisinau

On March 20, the Israeli rescue organization Magen David Adom opened a medical aid center in the temporary stay center for members of the Jewish communities of Ukraine on Pan Khalippa Street. We talked with Chaim, the curator of doctors.

Last week I came to the temporary residence center with another doctor. We saw that there are many people here who need medical help. We consulted with the Jewish Community of Moldova and came to the conclusion that it is necessary to open a medical center in the center so that a person can receive medical assistance at any time. On Sunday, 7 more medical workers arrived – 3 doctors and 4 paramedics.

We meet people from Ukraine and ask if they need medical help. Due to a very long road, many feel bad – they are worried about chest pains, high blood pressure, weakness and other symptoms. We examine them and make a decision. If the person’s condition is stable, we give recommendations for recovery after stress. If necessary, we draw up a treatment plan. Also, many people do not have the medicines they need – we can provide them.

We have a large amount of equipment and medicines to help a person quickly and efficiently. On the spot, we can do a blood test, urine test, cardiogram, ultrasound and many other examinations. We have been here since Sunday, and during this time no one has been sent to the hospital, because we have everything we need.

There was one suspicion of a heart attack. We responded quickly and did the necessary tests. If it weren’t for the observation point under the doctors from Magen David Adom, we would have to send a person to their destination – every minute counts in a heart attack. Fortunately, a heart attack was not confirmed.

The Jewish Community is doing a great and important job: providing people with care, attention, food, water, and together with us, medical care.