6 May 2022

Meeting of Alexander Bilinkis and Moshe Reuven Azman in Chisinau

The chairman of the Jewish Community of the Republic of Moldova Alexander Bilinkis, the chief rabbi of the Brodsky Synagogue in Kiev and the chairman of the All-Ukrainian Congress of Jewish Hasidim of the Congress Moshe Reuven Asman gathered in Chisinau yesterday.
Rabbi Moshe Asman visited the Temporary Residence Center of members of the Jewish Communities of Ukraine in Chisinau and held meetings with members of the Jewish Community of Moldova.

Moshe Asman thanked his colleague from the Jewish Community of Moldova, as well as the government of our country for the exceptional work that helps to save money. The leaders discussed the consideration of the case within the framework of the evacuation and temporary disclosure program, focusing on identifying damage and the most vulnerable places.

Since the beginning of hostilities in a neighboring state, the Jewish Communities of Ukraine and Moldova have been closely cooperating, providing practical assistance in evacuation, temporary accommodation, as well as moving relocation. Call centers operate in Chisinau to help connect with ordinary Jewish communities in Ukraine. The created temporary accommodation centers in Moldova are visited by more than 14,000 foreign citizens of Ukraine with increased food, housing, medical care and information support.

“We helped to establish and ensure the functioning of the call center in Chisinau, which receives hundreds of calls daily from Jews from Ukraine. Our colleagues are organizing evacuation convoys from the most affected regions of the neighboring country. We accept visitors and help in every way, we can to overcome this grief together. We have recently started equipping special buses for people with special needs who cannot endure a long journey. I would like to note our cooperation with Grigory Logvinsky, Rabbi Moshe Asman, members of the community in Ukraine, who are doing a great job for the evacuation and support of fellow tribesmen,” Alexander Bilinkis highlighted during the meeting.