19 October 2023

Open statement of the Jewish Community of the Republic of Moldova in connection with the war against Israel and mass acts of violence against civilians committed by the terrorist organisation HAMAS and its allies

The Jewish Community of the Republic of Moldova strongly condemns the massive attack on Israel, acts of violence against civilians, incessant shelling and hostage-taking, and the killing of civilians by the terrorist organisation HAMAS and its allies.

On Saturday (October 7, 2023), in an attack on Israel, more than a thousand terrorists infiltrated by land, sea and air in several locations and advanced towards Israeli communities and settlements near the Gaza Strip. This was carried out in conjunction with a massive rocket attack on cities in the south, center of the country and Jerusalem (more than 6,600 missiles have been fired so far) with the aim of causing maximum damage to civilians.

Terrorists entered Israel and began massacres of families and individuals in their homes, people were executed and burned alive in the streets, and brutally murdered at a music festival taking place in the area. Horrifying evidence was spread around the world. Upon returning to the Gaza Strip, they kidnapped everyone they found on the way – paying particular attention and expressing brutality towards women, elderly and children.

So far, more than 1,400 people were killed and 4,010 injured in Israel. More than 199 people are also reported to be missing or captive after being kidnapped and taken to Gaza. Among the victims, approximately 152 killed and 141 missing had foreign citizenship (including dual citizenship).

Over the past few days, anti-tank missiles and mortar shells have been fired from Lebanon as Hezbollah-led terrorists try to infiltrate Israel.

Israel is waging war against terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip.

An example of this is the dissemination of false information about the recent failed missile launch by the terrorist organization Islamic Jihad, which was aimed at Israel but hit a hospital in Gaza City, where more than 500 people were killed. The attempt to place responsibility for what happened on Israel was faced with the contradiction of facts, satellite data and intelligence, which demonstrate that this tragedy is nothing more than another act of terrorism.

This attack once again underscores HAMAS’s prioritization of harming Israeli citizens over the wellbeing and safety of the population of the Gaza Strip. They continue to view the Palestinians under their control as human shields in their campaign against Israel.

Attached is a visual analysis of the data on this case: https://IDFANC.activetrail.biz/ANC1810156854. Attached is an infographic of all failed rocket launches in the Gaza Strip since the beginning of the war: https://IDFANC.activetrail.biz/1810202309876543672Attached is a photo from the launch identification system: https://IDFANC.activetrail.biz/ANC18102023984

We emphasize that HAMAS has been officially recognized as a terrorist group in Moldova https://www.legis.md/cautare/getResults?doc_id=137760&lang=ro since 2019 and its activities areillegal.

Supporting HAMAS and its allies means supporting global terrorism, which wages hybrid warfare and uses the media to spread hate speech, propaganda, lies, hatred and calls for violence.

Jewish communities around the world are extremely concerned about rallies in various countries that support terrorist organizations, including HAMAS. Riots and attacks on Jewish organizations and community members aggravate the extremely difficult situation associated with the war in Israel, the death of loved ones, and the suffering of civilians, including family members and citizens of Moldova.

The organization of this kind of rally tomorrow, in front of the main legislative body of the country, Parliament, the authorization to hold it, as well as supporters among the civil society of Moldova, raises deep concerns and sends a signal of a worsening climate in our society.

Let us recall that the leadership of the Republic of Moldova strongly condemned the attack on Israel in the first days of the war https://x.com/sandumaiamd/status/1710565882315915630?s=48&t=-TZW8p-fajKgh4QAAnp9zQ https://twitter.com/dorinrecean/status/1710577409752248669?s=48&t=-TZW8p-fajKgh4QAAnp9zQ  and joined the international community, which categorically recognized the atrocities committed within the framework of the war against Israel as acts of terrorism.

We appeal to members of Moldovan society, public opinion leaders, and human rights defenders with a call not to support acts of terrorism, not to succumb to information propaganda and to help maintain a climate of good neighborliness and mutual understanding in our country and abroad.

Open statement of the Jewish Community of the Republic of Moldova on the massive attack on Israel by the