18 October 2022

Sukkot celebration in Bender

On Sunday, October 16, a Sukkot celebration was held at the citadel of Bender fortress. This tradition, initiated by the Jewish Community of Bender and the Bender Administration with the support of the Jewish Community of the Republic of Moldova, takes place yearly. It is attended not only by Jewish people, but also members of the general public. Due to this, it is a valuable opportunity for locals from different cultural backgrounds and walks of life to learn about Jewish history, culture, heritage and religious traditions. As it takes place during Sukkot, members of the local Jewish community set up sukkahs or tente, inside the citadel.

Guests of the event were able to take part in master-classes on how to make greeting cards, learn to cook Jewish cuisine, visit the photo exhibition “Bender is a Jewish community,” and listen to performances by local and guest artists. Performers, who played well-known songs from the Jewish community in Bender, included C. Moscovici, A. Korol, M. Zaitseva, L. Sprinceanu, V. Lozinskaya, M. Loktionova, and the “Mahagon” band.

The chairman of the Bender Jewish Community M. Fenkelzon, Head of the Bender State Administration O. Cotela, JCM director A. Grossu, Rabbi Mendel from Chabad Liubavici, Benjamin Hadad, Head of the Absorption and Repatriation Department of the Karen Edidut Foundation (Israel) gave welcome speeches to the audience. The Jewish Community of the Republic of Moldova wishes everyone a very happy Sukkot holiday! Hag Sukkot Sameach!