6 May 2022

The story of one volunteer: Irina, a doctor and a child psychologist

The Jewish Community of Moldova is immensely grateful to everyone who put aside their affairs and fights for a better future for each of the members of the Jewish communities of Ukraine arriving in Moldova. We begin to tell the stories of volunteers.

I came to Moldova from Odessa after the start of the war. In Chisinau, I was sheltered by my son-in-law’s relatives. I do not consider myself a refugee and do not call myself. I really don’t like this word, it seems to me some kind of stigma.

I immediately started looking for an opportunity to help people through the refugee center. I was given several addresses, but somehow it did not work out to start the activity. Then my relatives advised me to apply to the Jewish Community of Moldova, and I was immediately taken to temporary accommodation centers.

I have volunteered at several centers. Three days – in the hottest point, in the center on Pan Khalippa. Day – in the center on Feredeului street. Now I am where I am most needed – with mothers and children in the temporary stay center of the Community Center “KEDEM”.

I have over 25 years of medical experience. I am a general practitioner – I can provide first aid and make a primary diagnosis.

I am a child psychologist by training. I can provide primary psychological assistance and support a person in a difficult, crisis and traumatic situation that has now developed.

It became psychologically easier for me when I started volunteering. I do what I love. And most importantly, what I can do.