6 May 2022

The story of one volunteer: Egor, IT master

Volunteering is difficult : emotionally and physically. The Jewish Community of Moldova is immensely grateful to everyone who put aside their affairs and fights for a better future for each of the representatives of the Jewish communities of Ukraine arriving in Moldova. We continue to tell the story of volunteers.

I was invited to become a volunteer by Rabbi Shimshon, the rabbi of the Jewish Community of Moldova. I felt in my heart that I had a desire to help, signed up as a volunteer and felt that I was truly rich.

I am volunteer at the temporary accommodation center on Pan Khalippa street. This center is the place where all the Jews of Ukraine come, who left the country because of the hostilities. It is here that they choose the further scenario of their life.

In the center, we register arrivals and, first of all, provide psychological assistance. Many people cannot hold back their tears, some come in a state of shock and do not know where to go next. We do not rush people and do our best so that they make the right choice.

A woman came to us who has the right to repatriation. Her son stayed to fight in Ukraine, and at first she refused to move to Israel, because she considered it a betrayal of her son. The task of psychological support was to explain that such a decision is not a betrayal.

I introduced IT into the work of the center to make all processes more efficient. For example, it was important for us to clearly organize the logistics of people, as well as synchronize the work of organizations that help move to other countries.

Our center has a large team of people who are ready to help in this difficult time. We were able to adapt to each other almost immediately and start working as one organism. We also try to support and bring each other to our senses when necessary, and we always try to find a solution.

Every member of the team does an incredible job. And people endure it for only one reason: if heaven wants what you do, then they give strength and bring the right people.