Terms of Service

Terms and Conditions


Acceptance of terms
Using the www website.
jcm.md implies full agreement with the conditions set out below. The Terms may be changed at any time by the site administrator without prior notice to those who use them.


Site information
Website www.
jcm.md is the property of the Public Association “Jewish Community of the Republic of Moldova”, located in the Republic of Moldova, Chisinau, Alexey Matveevich street 109/1 of. 313, MD-2009.


Contact details
Public Association “Jewish Community of the Republic of Moldova”, 109/1 Aleksey Matveyevich str. of. 313, MD-2009.

IDNO: 1012620002523
Phone: (+373) 22 509 689


“I want to help” service:
The “I want to help” service on the www website.
jcm.md (hereinafter referred to as the “I want to help” service) was created as a mechanism for transferring and collecting funds using payment instruments available in accordance with the legislation.
The beneficiary of the donations is the Public Association “Jewish Community of the Republic of Moldova”.


Users of the “I want to help” service are all Donors who donate in favor of the Beneficiary.
Users of the “I want to help” service can be both individuals and legal entities.


The “I want to help” service offers users the opportunity to make payments to the Public Association “Jewish Community of the Republic of Moldova” on legally and without additional payment.
The site does not offer other online services and does not charge for certain services.


Acceptance of the terms and conditions

By using the “I Want to Help” service, you automatically accept these Terms and Conditions.
In the case of making a Donation through the “I want to Help” service, acceptance of these Terms and Conditions is carried out by marking the consent of the Donor.



Access to the service


The “I want to help” service is only available online.
If the donation method is chosen online, the user will get access to the www website.
jcm.md, in the “I want to help” section.

To access the www.
jcm.md.md It is recommended to use the latest version of browsers (Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox). Access to the site is possible on both desktop and mobile devices (with macOS, iOS, Android, Windows, * nix operating systems).



Online donation terms


A donation through the “I Want to Help” service can only be made with a valid debit/credit card Visa International Limited (VISA), MasterCard Inc (MasterCard).



Donation method using VISA Debit/Credit card or Master Card


When using the “I want to Help Online” service, the processing of debit/credit cards Visa International Limited, MasterCard Inc. is accepted and allowed.
The donor agrees that the debit/credit card data provided by him must be correct and accurate and that he will not use a debit/credit card that does not legally belong to him or the use of which is not authorized by his legal owner.


The donor also agrees and undertakes to provide correct and valid debit/credit card details.
The donor guarantees, agrees and confirms the initiation of the online donation transaction and provides the card details.


The donor is responsible for ensuring that there is sufficient credit in the designated card account at the time of Donation for the transaction to be completed.

The donation method using a bank card includes redirection through secure channels to the ACQUIRING portals of banks and does not store confidential data (for example, open card data). The “I want to help” service stores only depersonalized information about the card (the hidden card number is the last 4 digits: **** **** **** XXXX).


If an error occurs during the processing of a bank card transaction, the following solutions apply:
– a temporary error occurred during the Donation processing due to the connection between the “I want to Help” service and the bank processing card transactions. Attention! In this case, the amount of this transaction can be withdrawn from your card. To solve the problem, contact support;
– the card is not activated for secure online transactions (for example, 3D Secure). In this case, the amount of this transaction will not be debited from the card. To solve this problem, contact your card issuer bank to make sure it is active for such transactions, try setting a 3D Secure password for the card you use for online donation, or try completing the donation with another active card;
– the authorization data you entered is invalid or incomplete. In this case, the amount of this transaction will not be withdrawn from your card. To solve this problem, enter valid and complete authorization information;